Horseshoe Las Vegas Sees Man Accidentally Shoot Self On Gaming Foor

Horseshoe Las Vegas Sees Man Accidentally Shoot Self On Gaming Foor

Andrew Thomas Sutton, a 72-year-old retired officer from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), accidentally shot himself while on the gaming floor at the Horseshoe Las Vegas Casino (pictured). Sutton is currently in stable condition in a local hospital, police said this week.

The incident occurred last week, August 24. But the LVMPD have only this week released a report on the details.

On the night of the incident, around 9.30 p.m., Sutton was adjusting his pants near a cashier’s cage, when his firearm, which he was legally carrying, discharged accidentally, shooting him in the leg.

Bystanders, including other casino visitors and security personnel, were quick to react. They rushed to Sutton’s aid, providing initial assistance even before professional medical help arrived.

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Stable Condition

The sound of the gunshot immediately drew the attention of first responders from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) and an ambulance crew, who were on the casino floor in minutes.

At first it was unclear what had happened. However, surveillance footage from the casino’s security cameras played a crucial role in understanding the sequence of events.

It showed Sutton adjusting his pants and then, moments later, jumping in apparent pain and collapsing to the floor.

Sutton was transported to the University Medical Center for emergency medical attention.

Firearm Regulations on the Rowdy Strip

While the state permits the open carry of firearms in many situations, including inside casinos, concealed weapons require a specific permit., which Sutton did have.

His background adds another layer to the story. He served as a police officer for the LVMPD for some years before he retired in 2013.

The fact that such an accident happened involving a former dedicated public servant on a casino gaming floor does not look good for the force.

The incident, luckily, did not end in a fatality, with Sutton recovering. But it is an example of the sometimes bizarre and unpredictable nature of Las Vegas.

Earlier this year, a man went viral and was subsequently arrested after dancing naked on top of a poker table in the packed Harrah’s Hotel & Casino.

Another man was arrested in a sting operation by a specialist LVMPD traffic unit in July, accused of speeding through Las Vegas Strip casino buildings on a dirt bike.

Shootings though, are a relatively common occurrence in Nevada. But they don’t happen too often inside or on casino properties in Las Vegas.

Police have been on higher alert since the city’s 2017 mass shooting, America’s deadliest ever, in which 60 people were killed by a gunman shooting from the Mandalay Bay hotel tower.

So far in 2023, less than half a dozen shootings have happened directly in or on casino properties on the Las Vegas Strip. Two women are currently awaiting trial accused of murder with a deadly weapon after a fatal shooting in a Caesars Palace hotel room in May.

Author: Paul Campbell