Learning to Win at Slots is Easy. What’s Hard is Keeping It!

Handing Over Your Bankroll to Casinos [Keeping It]

Introduction to Keeping It

A surprising discovery about winning at slots is what happens next. Slots enthusiasts suddenly find they aren’t keeping it. What??

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Let Other Slots Players Pay Casino Bills

Let’s say you play slots in Mesquite on the Nevada-Arizona border, an hour’s drive northeast of Las Vegas. Mesquite’s casinos are five minutes from your home, making them easy to visit. Perhaps because you’re taken my course, you’ve noticed something.

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During the week, when a few locals are at the casino, you see a lot of hand-pay jackpots. And during the weekend, when crowds of out-of-town players arrive from Arizona and Utah, you don’t see nearly as many hand-pay jackpots.

Fewer players are winning during the week. Many players are losing during the weekend.

So, why would you ever play slots at times when few players win? Instead, play when others are winning. Right?

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This circumstance isn’t just in Mesquite. It’s also in Reno and Las Vegas.

It’s not random behavior. It’s not you. It’s a choice by Nevada casinos protected from being observed by many slots players’ strong belief that winning at slots is random and nothing matters, no slots strategy matters.

I’m addressing those slots players who believe this misdirection from the gaming industry: Please, please, please do us all a favor and keep on believing it! We need you too!

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Stay strong, and don’t be swayed by my logic or your direct observations. You’ve been assigned to help casinos pay their bills because we’ve stopped doing that ourselves. Sincerely, thank you! It’s an important task and we depend on you!

Handing Over Your Bankroll to Casinos [Keeping It]Handing Over Your Bankroll to Casinos [Keeping It]

Nevada Casinos’ Strategy

If you are interested in a winning slots strategy for Nevada’s casinos, realize what I’ve told you is just the beginning. When do out-of-towners start showing up? It’s not Saturday morning, but rather around Noon on Friday.

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And when do they leave? Not Sunday, but rather Monday morning. And watch for when the odds of winning at slots are turned way, way down matters.

So, you still have some work to do to optimize this strategy. And that’s okay! My job as a teacher is not to give you fish but to teach you to fish. And with this Nevada strategy, I’m teaching you to fish in a desert!

Another aspect you need to consider is combining strategies, which is more advanced. Let’s say you play slots in Mesquite and are winning during the middle of the week. You’re winning at slots but have some losses, which reduces your profit.

Might you add other strategies to what you’re already doing to win more? Or reduce your losses even more so your profit is higher? Sure!

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Winning at slots in Nevada cities during the week is just one example of how easy it is to learn to win at slots. Yes, I’ve glossed over casinos deciding on some weeks not to let anyone win, weekend or not. And casinos do the opposite on or near holiday weekends for solid business reasons.

Anytime from just before Thanksgiving through the end of the year is fine, but the first two months of the new year aren’t satisfactory. We see this trend all over the country, not just in Nevada.

Las Vegas Strip Casinos at Night [Keeping It]Las Vegas Strip Casinos at Night [Keeping It]

Winning Slots Concepts are Easy

I started preselling my online course in early 2021. It did well, indicating how much slots enthusiasts needed it, so I then went ahead and created the course. It launched in May that year.

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Yes, lots of dedicated, diehard fans read, watch, or listen to my free content on my website, podcast, and YouTube Channel.

But who has time for all that free content? I have hundreds of videos, hundreds of articles, and hundreds of podcast episodes. And more are coming out every week.

My course 30 Days to Play Slots Smarter and Win explains how to win at slots. It’s not rocket science, but there are many myths and misunderstandings out there on the internet confusing everyone else.

For instance, most people don’t keep gambling records. But I encourage slots enthusiasts to do so, even offering spreadsheet templates as a course bonus.

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But since launching my course, participants are starting to see the value of those notes. And have begun taking even better notes because of the value they’ve gotten from them already.

Like so many other winning slot concepts, keeping notes is easy. But too few slots enthusiasts knew this before taking my course. And many other easy yet so valuable things like this are also offered in the class.

Take It Easy [Keeping It]Take It Easy [Keeping It]

Keeping Winnings is Hard

But let’s focus on one thing, something I’ve been surprised by myself. Figuring out how to win is easy, and assuming your casinos are letting you win, you do so. But getting out is hard.

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Winning is easy when you realize how casinos and slot machines work. But you’ve noticed that, now that you’re winning, you’re not getting as much of those winnings out of the casino as you’d like.

Often, none of your winnings leave the casino with you. You’ve learned two things. First, that winning at slots is easy. And second, leaving with your winnings is hard.

Is this what you’re seeing? Yes? No?

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You know why if you’re not having a hard time leaving with your winnings. Because of prior life experiences. And practice, practice, practice.

A good pair of running shoes. A lockable wallet. A spouse who holds onto your winnings for you. Whatever works!

Only a few slot enthusiasts know what works for them. The rest need to figure it out.

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Far too many slot enthusiasts are losing. Not losing right away but first winning at slots, then losing it all. Ouch.

Dream Big – Work Hard [Keeping It]Dream Big – Work Hard [Keeping It]

Winning and Then Losing It All

During my paid consultations, sometimes clients tell me that they lose at slots. And I ask them, do you win but want to reduce your losses? Or do you not win at all?

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Because those are two separate issues, if you already know how to win at your casino, that task is in fairly good shape.

Sure, there are always more wins and bigger wins and optimizing strategies. Maybe you’re using my 5-spin method but noticed you’ve never needed to make more than three bets to win.

Fine, no harm done. I wrote my 5-spin method to stop when you win or at five bets. But others have found that this approach works much better at their casino using eight bets. To them, I say, well done on learning how to fish better!

Now, if only they could all get their winnings out of their casinos. It’s well-known that slots are casinos’ biggest money-maker. As my audience increases, you will start to negatively impact the world’s gaming industry. You’ll start to negatively impact casino profits.

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But not if you win and then can’t leave the casino with your winnings. Winning and then losing it all won’t negatively impact casino profits. Casinos love that because their revenues increase despite profit remaining the same for them.

Keeping Your Dollars [Keeping It]Keeping Your Dollars [Keeping It]

Your Winnings

Your learning to leave with your winnings will negative impact casino profits. Now, I’m not out to hurt casino profits. Not deliberately, anyway.

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My job is to help you win and leave with your winnings. You want me to help you win at slots. It’s a WANT.

But now you’ve found out, and I’m listening to my audience, that you NEED to keep your winnings. You can’t have the first without the other, of course.

Okay, so how do you leave with your winnings? For several reasons I won’t explain just yet, I think the best way to learn how to go with your winnings is to ask someone you know how they do it successfully.

Your spouse. Your cousin. Other family members. Neighbors. Asking someone whom you know and trust works best.

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But often, there is an immediate problem. Friends, family, and acquaintances don’t know how, either. So, you’ll need to become the gambler they know who is successful at keeping your winnings.

So okay, if not people close to you, where do you go? I’ve been honored that many of you have chosen me. I think I’m second-best, though, for a simple reason.

Unlike your friends and family, I can’t go with you to the casino and help you leave with your winnings even if you’re at a casino right now.

I’ve already mentioned several methods for keeping more of your winnings. A good pair of running shoes. A lockable wallet.

[See two popular lockable wallets from Amazon in the left sidebar of this webpage or, if you’re on a mobile device, at the bottom of this article.]

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Or maybe your spouse holds onto your winnings for you. Whatever works for you. And practice, practice, practice.

Make Things Happen [Keeping It]Make Things Happen [Keeping It]

Given Fish or Learning to Fish

But those approaches are strategies for keeping your winnings. I give them to you freely like I’m handing over a fish to eat. I practically cook that fish for you and serve it with a nice white wine.

But I plan to do better than just giving you stuff. I don’t want you dependent on me by holding my knowledge hostage for money. Instead, I want to teach you to fish.

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That’s why I have free content on my website, YouTube Channel, and podcast. One easy lesson for 30 days presented in a step-by-step process instead of hundreds of hours of disorganized free content.

With my course, 30 Days to Play Slots Smarter and Win, you’re not paying for the content. Instead, you’re paying for an easy and convenient learning process. And exclusive course homework. And valuable free bonuses.

A Nice Salmon Dinner with Mixed Vegetables [Keeping It]A Nice Salmon Dinner with Mixed Vegetables [Keeping It]

How to Leave with Winnings

It’s not wise to run in a crowded casino, so what does it mean to have a good pair of running shoes? It means to leave. Just leave.

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Win and then leave, whether you plan to go or not. Get out. Get out!

Even this explanation of what it means leave with your winnings isn’t enough. I need to expand on this, make it a short, uploaded video, market it far and wide, and add it as a resource to the course materials.

And do the same for lockable wallets. Not just one lockable wallet but all the best lockable wallets. Even the one that comes in pink because if it’s more fashionable, maybe you’ll use it more often.

What do I use? What works for me? I use a pocket of my jeans which I’ve trained myself to consider deposit-only while at the casino.

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But that’s what works for me because I did the work to practice, practice, practice until it became a habit. But this may not work for you.

After all, men’s jeans have more oversized pockets (by a lot!) than women’s jeans. No, I don’t know why. But they are.

Anyone could instead use a backpack or a messenger bag. Poker players often carry bags. But remember you’ll need to show the security guard what’s inside when you arrive at the casino.

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What else? How about giving your winnings to your spouse? Well, I’m not getting between the two of you. If that’s your approach, I’ll let the two of you figure out how to accomplish that best.

The most important thing is to use whatever works. Ideas are endless, and mentioning too many of them adds to the burden of choosing between them. Just pick one, then make it work.

Then practice using it until you get good at it. It can take a while. If you fail, forgive yourself and try again.

When making my deposit-only pocket a habit, I failed at first. But I’d get closer to the casino exit over five or six tries with winnings in that pocket. Practice, practice, practice is a real thing when building a habit. So, pick a way to keep your winnings and practice until you do it successfully.

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Good luck!

Man Walking with a Messenger Bag [Keeping It]Man Walking with a Messenger Bag [Keeping It]

Summary of Keeping It

Slots enthusiasts who have learned how to win then make a startling discovery. Keeping it is hard! Who knew?

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