What’s Lady Luck HQ Net Worth In 2023?

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What is Lady Luck HQ’s net worth? Lady Luck HQ, whose real name is Francine Maric, has inspired this question with her highly successful slots YouTube channel.

Our OUSC staff has performed calculations to determine a Francine Maric net worth estimate.

You can see our analysis below and info on Lady Luck’s personal life, non-slots career, and wealthy husband.

Who Is Lady Luck HQ?

Photograph of Francine Marin aka Lady Luck HQ holding stacks of dollar bills and standing besides a slot machine.

Francine Cipriano (Maric) was born in 1989 in Englewood, Colorado (Denver area).

She graduated from Englewood High School and attended Oakland University in Michigan.

After graduating from Oakland in 2007, she launched a career in automotive marketing.

Lady Luck HQ has worked for Chrysler and Gubagoo during her automotive sales career.

According to ZoomInfo, she still works for Gubagoo as a director of enterprise retail solutions.

This job is in addition to the Lady Luck HQ slots channel.

Lucky Luck HQ lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband Miran Mirac.

The couple are both involved in running the channel, with Francine presenting and Miran performing editing and uploading work.

What’s Lady Luck HQ’s Net Worth?

We estimate the Lady Luck HQ net worth to be $2.9 million. Our figure comes from looking at Lady Luck HQ YouTube earnings, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and Gubagoo director job.

It also considers Lady Luck HQ’s husband, Miran, who owns nearly $800,000 worth of stock. You can find further analysis of our Francine Maric net worth estimation later.

A Closer Look Into Lady Luck HQ’s Lifestyle

Francine Maric lives a jet-setting lifestyle as part of her Lady Luck HQ slots channel.

She and her husband travel to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and other gambling destinations to play slot machines.

Videos like We Stayed in a $15,000/Night Las Vegas Villa!! show that the couple spends big on the road.

Of course, these extravagant stays are likely the result of casino sponsorships or—at worst—tax write-offs.

The Most Popular Lady Luck HQ Slots Videos

$18,000 Jackpot

Massive $18,000 Handpay Jackpot – 7.2 million views

Tarzan Slot Jackpot

Amazing major jackpot on Tarzan Slot Machine in Vegas – 3.6 million views 

Historic Jackpot

One of the largest jackpots in YouTube history – 3 million views

Francine Maric isn’t the only person to have won jaw-dropping jackpots. Read our article about hitting a million-dollar jackpot to understand what it’s like to win big.

Where Does Lady Luck HQ Get Her Money?

Again, OUSC believes the Lady Luck HQ net worth to be $2.9 million. You can see a breakdown of this figure below:


Her channel makes an impressive $1.3 million profit ($2.3 million total revenue – $1 million expenses).

Auto Sales

Miran Maric Asbury Automotive stock holdings and sales generate $1.2 million ($779k holdings + $413k sales).


Her different sponsorship deals bring in close to $200,000.

Job Salary

Francine and Miran Maric’s combined savings from their day jobs incomes are approximately $150,000.


Francine leverage’s her online following into merchandise sales close to $50,000.

How We Estimated Lady Luck HQ’s Earnings

Her channel has a total of 230 million views.

Large YouTube channels average $10,000 per 1 million views—hence $2.3 million (10,000 x 230 = 2.3m).

We subtracted an estimated $1 million in video-making and travel expenses.

According to a 2018 Forbes interview, Maric may earn more from YouTube Super Chats.

Francine directs enterprise retail solutions for Gubagoo, a software company for virtual car retailing.

No salary is available for her position, but we estimate she makes $150,000 annually.

Cash Savings
Miran Maric is a senior marketing VP at Asbury Automotive, who likely makes $350,000.

The average American household saves 3.4% of salaries.

This means the Marics have potentially saved $150,000 in eight years of marriage.

Stocks and Business Ventures
Miran’s stock holdings and sales are self-explanatory based on online data.

The sponsorships and merchandise are conservative estimates with no reliable data available.

Francine Maric’s Rise as Lady Luck HQ

Maric started Lady Luck HQ on February 26, 2018. She produced her first hit video one month later called Massive $18,000 Hand Pay Jackpot.

Since then, Maric has experienced a steady rise to fame and fortune. Here are key moments in Lady Luck HQ’s slots career:

Playing Slots Like Lady Luck HQ

Over the course of the years, Francine Maric has landed huge jackpots by playing physical slot games like Tarzan and Buffalo Gold Revolution.

Although these games are exclusive to brick-and-mortar casinos, you can enjoy similarly themed real money slots with great prizes by visiting any of these gambling sites.

About Lady Luck HQ’s Personal Life 

Picture of Francine Maric (Lady Luck HQ) and husband Miran Maric.

Francine and Miran Maric met in 2012 when working in the Chrysler marketing department.

The pair got married three years later in 2015.

The Marics still work in the automotive marketing industry but with different companies.

Francine directs enterprise retail solutions at Gubagoo, and Miran is a senior VIP and Chief Marketing Officer at Asbury Automotive.

According to Francine’s Facebook page, the couple does not have children.

Lady Luck HQ’s Keys to Success

Lady Luck has amassed over 360k followers through her fun personality and big wins. She routinely plays for big stakes and has hit many jackpots on physical slot machines.

You can play slots like Lady Luck HQ even on a budget. Most online slots only require a $0.20 minimum bet and will still pay large prizes at low stakes.

Even if you don’t win a historic progressive jackpot, you can still have as much fun as she does without leaving the comfort of your home.

Start Spinning Reels and Winning Jackpots Like Lady Luck HQ

Francine Maric’s FAQs

The following FAQs provide insight into Lady Luck’s private life and YouTube slots career.

Where is Lady Luck HQ from?

Born Francine Cipriano, Lady Luck HQ is from Englewood, Colorado.

She graduated from Englewood High School and Oakland University in Michigan.

What is Lady Luck Hq’s age?

Born in 1989, Lady Luck HQ’s age is 34 at the time of this writing. She started her slots YouTube channel in 2018 at age 29.

Where does Lady Luck HQ live?

Francine Maric and her husband, Miran, live in Atlanta, Georgia.

The couple previously lived in Auburn Hills, Michigan, where they met in 2012 when working at Chrysler.

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Author: Paul Campbell